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The Daily Rundown — The Latest News Affecting Women & Girls in Our Region

By Mariah Craven on October 21st, 2010

In today’s rundown: The NEC releases a new report on women and the economy. | A new study finds that women give significantly more to charity than men. | And you don’t have to have a car to feed the meters in Silver Spring. New parking meters will give MoCo residents a chance to help the homeless.

— Today, the National Economic Council released the report Jobs and Economic Security for America’s Women. The report “lays out the economic landscape facing women today and details some of the many ways the Administration is committed to making sure the government is working for all Americans and especially American women.”

— Women give significantly more to charity than men, according to a new study from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. The study says factors to women’s growing generosity may include: more women are working and their incomes have grown and the percentage of women who earn more than their husbands is about 26 percent.

— Five refurbished parking meters in downtown Silver Spring will give Montgomery County residents another opportunity to help the homeless in their community.  Donations to the meters will go to Shepherd’s Table, a nonprofit homeless center, The Washington Post reports. Advocates for the homeless warn, however, that the meters shouldn’t be expected to replace panhandling.

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