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The Daily Rundown — The Latest News Affecting Women & Girls in Our Region

By Mariah Craven on August 29th, 2011

In today’s rundown: Why women still need to push for economic equality.  One writer asks what has the president done for women lately.  And why welfare is  no match for unemployment.

— “A woman’s work on economic equality is never done,” writes Kristin Maschka on the Ms. Magazine blog. Maschka writes about a janitor who was fired from the job she’d had for nearly three decades because her childcare provider called in sick.  Maschka says that stories like this are proof that the feminist movement is still needed in the U.S.

— How much has President Obama done for women since he took office? asks Allison Gaudet Yarrow in The Huffington Post. She takes a look at three areas where the president has (or has not) made an impact.

— Today’s welfare is no match for this country’s high unemployment rate, according to The Urban Institute (a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner).  Even though unemployment has risen by 88 percent since the start of the recession, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families caseloads have increased by just 14 percent.  Urban Institute’s MetroTrends blog has the details.

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