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2012 Food Stamp Challenge

grocery storeWashington Area Women’s Foundation is joining D.C. Hunger Solutions and other local organizations in the Food Stamp Challenge, October 9-15, 2012. We invite you to participate in this educational experience and help raise awareness about the prevalence of hunger and the importance of safety net programs in the D.C. region.

What is the Food Stamp Challenge?

The Food Stamp Challenge gives a view of what life can be like for D.C. residents who are struggling to make ends meet. Participants pledge to use the weekly average food stamp benefit – just $30 – as their total budget for groceries for seven days. They find they are forced to make difficult food shopping choices, and often realize how hard it is to avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps, is a vital resource, putting healthy food within reach of over 140,000 D.C. residents. One out of every five District residents lives in poverty; one-in-eight District residents faces a constant struggle against hunger. Taking the Food Stamp Challenge is a platform for empathy, education, and advocacy for this vital program.

Will you join us in taking the Food Stamp Challenge?

  1. Sign up online and invite others to join. To sign up, go to: http://www.dchunger.org/food_stamp_challenge.htm
  2. Budget to spend $30 per person for food and beverages during the Challenge week.
  3. Only eat food that you purchase for the Challenge. Don’t eat food that you already own (excluding spices and condiments).
  4. Avoid consuming free food and drinks.
  5. Share your experiences by taking pictures, writing blog posts, tweeting @DCHunger #SNAPchallenge or writing on D.C. Hunger Solutions’s Facebook wall.