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Grantee Partner Profiles

The Washington Areas Women's Foundation has provided grants to a great variety of organizations whose work supports the mission of the Foundation. You can browse and search the list of these organizations below. For each organization, you will find a brief description of their work, as well as information regarding how you can contact them.

You can download the complete list of these organizations as a PDF file by clicking here.

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  1. A Wider Circle
    (301) 657-1010 | (301) 654-1081 Fax
    Mark Bergel, Executive Director

    A Wider Circle's mission is to empower children and adults to break the cycles of poverty and poor health.  The comprehensive wellness programming helps individuals gain greater control of their well being, while the delivery of furniture, home goods, and more helps individuals and families meet their basic needs.

    Main Address
    4808 Moorland Lane, Suite 802
    Bethesda, MD  20814

    2009:  Rainmakers Giving Circle (December) $10,000; Open Door Capacity Fund (December) $15,000 2007:  Leadership Award $10,000

  2. Academy of Hope
    (202) 269-6623 | (202) 269-6632 Fax
    Lecester Johnson, Executive Director

    Academy of Hope is a leading adult basic education provider in the District of Columbia. Since 1985, the organization has helped adults prepare for and obtain the GED and National External Diploma Program (NEDP). Academy of Hope focuses on two "pathways" - college and workforce - for adults to ultimately improve their academic skills and enter college, or to upgrade their job skills and obtain living wage employment. Individual assessments and counseling tailor the organization’s services, including intensive academic instruction, computer literacy training, college prep and counseling, career assessments and job readiness courses.

    Main Address
    601 Edgewood St. NE
    Suite 25
    Washington, DC  20017

    Stepping Stones Jobs Fund: Dec. 2012, $30,000; Dec. 2013, $40,000

  3. African American Women's Resource Center
    (202) 332-6561 | (202) 332-4736 Fax
    Cassandra Burton, Executive Director

    An educational and cultural service center whose mission is to develop, support and maintain policies, programs, projects and activities that inform, educate, empower and celebrate women and girls of the African Diaspora. They also serve as a major resource, referral and networking source of information concerning this population.

    Main Address
    1501 Gallatin Street NW
    Washington, DC  20011

    Leadership Award: 2002, $5,000; Open Door Capacity Fund: April 2004, $2,000; November 2004, $9,000

    Volunteer Opportunities
    Assist in finding grants, keep filing system in order, perform word processing projects, produce newsletter, distribute newsletters and fliers, develop a program for women and/or girls.

  4. Alternative House: Girl Power Program
    (703) 506-9191 | (703) 506-8949 Fax
    Judith Dittman, Executive Director

    Alternative House exists to provide help to children, teenagers, and their families. Beginning as a small runaway shelter for teenagers, Alternative House has evolved into a larger organization and system of services designed to respond to the changing needs of today's young people.

    Main Address
    2100 Gallows Road
    Vienna, VA  22182

    Other Address
    P.O. Box 694
    Dunn Loring, VA  22027

    Leadership Award: 2001, $5,000; Open Door Capacity Fund: June 2003, $8,250; December 2006, $12,000

    Volunteer Opportunities
    Contact: Karen Horowitz - (703) 506-9191

    Work directly with the residents at the teen shelter, assist younger residents with homework or recreational activities, engage in conversation and activities with pregnant or parenting teens.  Internships are also available.

    Volunteer Skills: Fundraising skills, provision of services to clients, opportunities for anyone who is willing to participate.  Everything from fundraising to office to direct service.

    Number of Volunteers: 16+

  5. AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation
    info@appletreeinstitute.org | (202) 488-3990 | (202) 488-3991 Fax
    Jack McCarthy, Managing Director

    The mission of AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation is to provide accelerated early language and literacy programs to the under-served preschoolers of Washington, DC to raise the trajectory of their future learning success. 

    AppleTree's evidence-based instructional program features an aligned professional development and assessment system designed to close the achievement gap before children enter elementary school.  AppleTree Early Learning PCS operates four charter preschool sites - serving 320 children - in Washington, DC's Southwest, Columbia Heights and East Capitol Hill neighborhoods.

    Main Address
    415 Michigan Ave NE
    3rd Floor
    Washington, DC  20017

    Stepping Stones Early Care and Education Funders Collaborative: June 2011, $50,000; June 2012, $50,000; Dec. 2012, $25,000; Dec. 2013, $40,000

  6. Ascensions Community Services, Inc.
    (202) 399-6281
    Satira Streeter, Executive/Clinical Director

    The mission of Ascensions Community Services is to help disempowered children and families rise above past and current difficulties to a place of renewed wellness, competency and stability, providing holistic psychological interventions to families living in Washington, D.C.'s most impoverished communities east of the Anacostia River. 

    Main Address
    1526 Howard Road SE
    Washington, DC  20020

    African American Women's Giving Circle: June 2007, $50,000; December 2009, $1,667; Leadership Award: 2007, $10,000; Rainmakers Giving Circle: December 2008, $10,000; December 2010, $10,000

  7. Asian Women's Self-Help Association, Inc. (ASHA)
    (202) 207-1248 | (202) 296-2318 Fax
    Nandini Assar, Executive Director

    ASHA provides the support that enables south Asian women to become self-reliant and live in an abuse free future.

    Main Address
    1140 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    Suite 1200
    Washington, DC  20038

    Other Address
    P.O. Box 2084
    Rockville, MD  20847

    Leadership Award: 2002, $5,000; Open Door Capacity Fund: April 2004, $10,000; June 2006, $10,000; June 2007. $10,000

    Volunteer Opportunities
    Organize fundraisers and workshops, contribute articles to ASHA newsletter, provide advocacy support and services, assist women seeking employment and provide transportation.

  8. Avery House: Halfway House for Women and Children
    (301) 762-4651 | (301) 762-4836 Fax
    Andrea Quarles, Program Manager

    Avery House provides a structured, supportive and sober environment for women recovering from alcohol and drug abuse and strives to reunite these women with their families and children. During a six- to nine-month residence, women are helped to move to personal and economic independence and to safely and appropriately care for their children. Avery House offers parenting, child development, health, and nutrition education; smoking cessation assistance; individual, group, and family counseling; relapse prevention; and life skills training.

    Main Address
    14705 Avery Road
    Rockville, MD  20853

    Leadership Award: 2000, $5,000; 2001, $1,000

  9. Ayuda
    (202) 387-4848 | (202) 387-0324 Fax
    Mauricio Vivero, Executive Director

    Ayuda exists to advocate for and defend the legal and human rights of low-income Latino and other immigrant communities in the Washington, D.C. area. A Latino community-based organization, they promote social justice and client empowerment through high-quality program activities related to immigration and domestic violence.

    Main Address
    1707 Kalorama Road, NW
    Washington, DC  20009

    V-Day Grant: 2002, $5,000; Open Door Capacity Fund: June 2006, $12,000; June 2007, $12,000

    Volunteer Opportunities
    Contact: Estera Barbarasa - (202) 243-7306

    Provide administrative support, special projects, event planning and fundraising.  Child care is also often needed.  Also, there are internships for law students in domestic violence/family law/immigration law on a semester-basis.

    Volunteer Skills: Database entry, Other office assistance, Language fluency, Provision of services to clients

    Number of Volunteers: 1-5

  10. Beacon House (Young Women on the Rise Program)
    staff@beaconhousedc.org | (202) 529-7376 | (202) 832-9456 Fax

    Beacon House is a neighborhood based organization that supports at-risk youth and families of the Edgewood Terrace community in Washington, D.C. Beacon House offers educational, cultural, recreational and athletic programs. The Young Women on the Rise Program gives preteen and teen girls leadership and life skills.

    Main Address
    P.O. Box 29629
    601 Edgewood St., N.E.
    Washington, DC  20017

    Leadership Award: 2010, $10,000

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