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Our Community

At Washington Area Women’s Foundation, we view the Washington metropolitan area as a distinct hub of opportunity—where resources, wealth, success and commitment to the greater good meet overwhelming need. We’re a community where some of the most highly educated, successful women in the nation walk side-by-side with some of the nation’s most vulnerable.

As a result, we view our community as the combined realities of the greater Washington metropolitan area that we serve. We collaborate with Grantee Partners, donors, volunteers, staff and supporters to improve the lives of women and children and to eradicate poverty in our region.

As a community, we believe that the paths to success for our region’s women are many—and best forged in collaboration that combines needs assessment, extensive evaluation and learning, innovation, and the unique time, talent and treasure of those with a vested interest in and concern for the well-being of women and girls.

We understand that where women thrive, everyone thrives, and that to invest in women, is to invest in entire communities. We invite you to learn more about our work, and to join the movement that is demonstrating the true power of giving together and its ability to positively impact women, children and our community as a whole.

Our Community
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