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There are times when impact can’t be measured by numbers.  And sometimes a story is best told through the images and voices of those whose lives are directly affected by our work.  In the videos below, you’ll learn more about the impact of The Women’s Foundation through the stories told by members of our community: our staff, donors, Grantee Partners, their clients and other supporters.

Annual Message from the President

Foundation President Nicky Goren Nicky Goren updates supporters about the Foundation’s activities and accomplishments during the 2013 fiscal year and looks ahead to new initiatives.

The Women’s Foundation Grants Power

Incredible things happen when we invest in the power and potential of women and girls! Meet three incredible women whose lives were transformed in this video produced by National Geographic.

Nicky Goren at 2013 Leadership Luncheon

Nicky Goren, president of Washington Area Women’s Foundation, shares the Foundation’s vision for the future at the 2013 Leadership Luncheon.

2013 Leadership Luncheon: Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams, a nurse, speaks at the annual Leadership Luncheon on October 23. Sharon talks about how Prince George’s Community College, a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner, helped her get on a path to prosperity.

2013 Leadership Luncheon: Rick & Marion Ballard

On October 23, 2013, Washington Area Women’s Foundation presented Marion Scattergood Ballard and Rick Ballard Visionary Awards for their trailblazing work that has transformed the lives of women and girls in the Washington region.

2013 Leadership Luncheon: Anne Mosle

On October 23, 2013, Washington Area Women’s Foundation presented Anne Mosle with a Visionary Award for her trailblazing work that has transformed the lives of women and girls in the Washington region.

The Women’s Foundation Transforms Lives

Over 200,000 women and girls in the Washington region live in poverty. Learn how one woman and her daughter are benefiting from The Women’s Foundation’s efforts to provide resources and opportunities that lift women and girls out of poverty and onto a path to prosperity. Produced by Stone Soup Films.

Why I Stand With The Women’s Foundation

Longtime Foundation supporter Cokie Roberts stood with Foundation President Nicky Goren to explain why the work of the organization is transformational, strategic and effective. She also discussed the women’s funding movement and how and why women give.

The Women’s Foundation Turns 15!

In 2013 Washington Area Women’s Foundation celebrated 15 years of transforming the lives of women, girls and the Washington region.

Highlights From the 2010 Leadership Luncheon

Revisit the best moments from the inspiring luncheon program that highlighted the work of The Women’s Foundation, the release of Portrait Project 2010, and the inspiring efforts of The Foundation’s Grantee Partners.

Goodwill of Greater Washington Changes Lives

Goodwill — a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner — provides training, case management and support services to women clients and employees.

Changing the Lives of Preschoolers & Teachers

How Hopkins House is using grants from The Women’s Foundation to address the quality of early care and education for children and the low salaries of teachers.

Glenn Hopkins Speaks at the 2010          Leadership Luncheon

The president of Hopkins House talks about how the preschool academy turned a grant from The Women’s Foundation into a movement in northern Virginia.

Be That Woman

Produced by RP3 Agency on behalf of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation, this tale of one woman’s journey from a position of need to one of strength shows the power of investing in women and girls.

Message from the President

In May 2010, Nicky Goren, the new president of The Women’s Foundation sent a message to members of the community.

Through the Kitchen Door

Donors from the Washington 100 Leadership Network learned how to make Salvadoran pupusas during a site visit at Through the Kitchen Door, a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner.

The Power of Giving Together

When we pool our resources to help women and girls in the Washington metropolitan area, change happens! Learn more about our mission and what we can accomplish through the power of giving together!

The Power of 10

In 2008, Washington Area Women’s Foundation celebrated 10years of working to improve the lives of women and girls. This video highlights 10 years of accomplishments.

Rise Up

After a fall, getting up isn’t easy; but it can be done, especially with a little help. This video explains the mission of The Foundation, the Stepping Stones initiative and the impact of our work.

Metamorphosis: The Story of Lacey Paey

After 15 years on public assistance, a single mother joins Washington Area Women in the Trades (WAWIT) — a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner — and transforms her own life.

Remarks From the 2008 Leadership Luncheon

Lacey Paey and Sharon Mitchell share their stories with attendees of the 2008 fundraising luncheon. Both Lacey and Sharon were graduates of Washington Area Women in the Trades, a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner.

Grantee Testimonial: Evelyn

Grantee Testimonial: Tia


Grantee Testimonial: Linda

Grantee Testimonial: Beatrice

More videos:

2006 Leadership Luncheon

2005 Leadership Luncheon

YWCA National Capital Area

A participant in YWCA National Capital Area’s Washington Area Women in the Trades (WAWIT) program proudly describes how her experience in being a part of the program is a “stepping stone” on a positive, forward-looking path for rest of her life.