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Claudia Thorne brings home the power of giving together!

Hi all, Anne here, and I just had to note for everyone how thrilled I was to open my Washington Post on Sunday and read Claudia Thorne’s piece, "The Joy of Philanthropy!"  For the full article, click here!   

Her experience as a member of Washington Area Women’s Foundation’s African American Women’s Giving Circle brought home what we embrace at the Foundation—that the power of philanthropy is measured not by what one individual can do, but by the impact achieved when people come together to work towards a common goal!
Many thanks, Claudia, for taking the time to share with our community the tangible and spiritual power of giving together and what it’s meant to you. The African American Women’s Giving Circle has supported wonderful organizations and influenced the lives of many girls and young women who are finding their way in our community.
Your story is a perfect example of how giving together truly does come full circle for everyone involved! 
And speaking of “involved,” this should be the new key word for 2007 in the Washington area! There are so many ways to get involved with The Women’s Foundation—from Giving Circles to the upcoming Leadership Awards—and experience what Claudia so eloquently termed “the joy of philanthropy.”  
So join us! There’s space for everyone to make a difference here at The Women’s Foundation, and as Claudia said, “You can be a philanthropist, too!” 
  • Christie

    Claudia, Your spiritual gifts are also invaluable to anyone who has had a moment to spend time with you and I thank you for personally contributing to my heart. The seed of hope & success you cultivated has helped me grow to be a woman rich in spirit. I am so proud to call you my sister. Keep on going and keep up the phenomenal work that you do.

    aka: WILL

  • On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I was reminded that Mahalia Jackson was the only woman that was able to claim her “voice” at the March on Washington, August 28, 1963. On that day, though there were hundreds of women who were working with Dr. King and doing great things for the civil rights movement, their voices of women were woefully silent. Claudia Thorne is not silent or invisible or impotent. Dr. King would be proud of her.

    Claudia gets it!

    She is a powerful woman who cares and she actually does caring and powerful things. Many of us care but we have not claimed the power to actualize our caring. Claudia is her own “center of power” and because of that she can connect with “power circles” such as the African American Women’s Giving Circle.

    Kudos to her and to all women who remind us to be great and to do great things! As we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday and throughout the year, we all need to be reminded and encouraged to be our better selves. Thanks to Claudia for being a blessed reminder!

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  • I have recently had the opportunity to meet Claudia and want to second and third the comments aready made. Many people talk the talk, but Claudia makes the walk with pride, with power and with grace. She is a great role model to all of us doing this work. Together we can make an enormous difference!