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The Obama Administration's priorities on women…

Well, while probably not in direct response to our requests of the new Obama Administration on behalf of women, the Administration has developed a Web resource covering their priorities and issues, and women are on the agenda–one of the 23 priority areas. I for one, was pleased to see women getting their own agenda item, […]

Dear Mr. President…

On the day after President Obama was sworn in just a few blocks from our office, the staff of The Women’s Foundation thought we’d offer our congratulations, along with (of course) a few items for our wish list of action on the part of the new President.  So, in the spirit of, "Starting today, we […]

Online tools help service providers help local low-income families.

This morning, Phyllis introduced a Webinar hosted by one of our Grantee Partners, Wider Opportunities for Women, on a tool they’ve developed to help calculate the true income needed to raise a family in our region. As Phyllis explained, "With the current economic downturn…families are increasingly focusing on cutting back. And for some families—particularly those […]

Oddly, women are moving millions as others scale back giving.

I caught an inspiring post from last week on Philantopic: "Holiday Cheer: The Story of Women Moving Millions." The article describes the increasing success of the Women Moving Millions campaign, which has thus far raised more than $110 million to support women and girls around the world, despite the global recession that has driven many […]

Help from community inspires improvement in college essays.

Last Friday, several District of Columbia students, myself included, filed onto the 8th floor of the Watergate building.  We were all interns with The Urban Alliance Foundation, and were there to get professional help from newspaper editors, lawyers, and other successful people, including my mentor Lisa Kays, on our college essays. It is routine and mandatory that each […]

Washingtonian: 64 ways to do good this holiday season, locally.

If you’re looking for creative, different ways to give this holiday season, don’t miss this month’s issue of the Washingtonian, with their cover article, "64 Ways to Do Good." The article features a lot of different ways to make your local community here in Washington, D.C. a better place, from volunteering virtually to coaching a […]

Tough economic times don't have to turn you into Scrooge.

This is a cool Friday afternoon find.  Allison Fine and Marnie Webb have started an online project that is quickly catching on, asking people for ideas about how to give during this holiday season without spending a dime.  The Give List already has tons of ideas posted, from Goodsearch (which is an easy online way […]