Together we lead.




Accelerating the Pace for Women’s Leadership, Philanthropy, and Economic Security

We believe that women executives and business leaders in the Washington area have unprecedented and collective potential to break new barriers in the realm of leadership, philanthropy, and economic advancement for women.

  • Only 6 percent of the region’s top 100 public companies have a woman CEO
  • One in four women and girls in the region are living at less than 200 percent of the poverty line

These facts illuminate the work left to be done.

The Washington Area Women’s Foundation invites your company to join Together We Lead, a network of corporate leaders in the region dedicated to increasing the representation of women in leadership and improving opportunities for all women and girls to thrive.

Working within and across companies, Together We Lead will unite Executive Members comprised of female executives from member companies, and Affinity Members representing company affinity groups to: share challenges and successes, exchange resources and ideas, and work collaboratively to drive new innovation on how to advance women in their organizations and empower them as leaders and philanthropists. Top women executives will also be recruited to sponsor Together We Lead as an Ambassador.


Companies that join Together We Lead will have access to regular events, workshops, trainings, and forums designed to learn with and from other organizations on topics related to women’s leadership and advancement. Members can expect to: discuss challenges and best practices, improve mentorship and sponsorship programs, work to grow talent pipelines, engage in philanthropic efforts, and directly support the critical mission and activities of WAWF to move women and girls from poverty to economic security.

By committing to join Together We Lead, your company can demonstrate a public commitment to women leaders and the economic stability of women and girls, and:

  • Gain membership for a female executive and affinity group representatives to participate in member-only events, such as trainings, workshops, panels, and small-group discussions, as well as an online network, designed specifically to help recruit, retain and advance women leaders
  • Obtain resources and strategies to support women’s affinity groups in their work
  • Partake in exclusive events for executive leaders to connect and share insight
  • Engage in philanthropic efforts to invest in opportunities for women and girls to thrive

If you are interested in joining Together We Lead or receiving more information about this opportunity, please contact Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat.