Stand Together Fund

Washington Area Women’s Foundation understands the significant stress we are collectively experiencing as a result of COVID-19, and we are deeply grateful for the way in which our community has stepped up to respond to this unprecedented public health crisis.

There’s no debating that women and girls are bearing the brunt of this crisis, from shouldering the majority of caregiving to being among the hardest hit by job loss. And for cis and trans women and gender expansive individuals of color, this impact is exacerbated by structural inequities that were in place long before this pandemic.

We are witnessing this play out in real time, every day, whether it is how Black, Latinx, and other people of color have been impacted by coronavirus or the ways in which smaller nonprofits—often led by people of color—have been left out of the recovery process, further marginalizing those who face the most vulnerability—cis and trans women and gender expansive individuals of color. 


For over 20 years, Washington Area Women’s Foundation has invested in women’s economic security. We know firsthand the unique challenges facing women and girls and are equipped to invest in solutions. Thus, we created the Stand Together Fund in April, and identified two issue areas where there has been a dearth of funding, yet the need only grows each day—the safety of women experiencing violence, and the stability of frontline care workers.

Since its inception, the Stand Together Fund has supported:

• Critical services for women who have experienced violence and abuse, such as expanded hotline capacity and telehealth visits.

• Financial assistance for the caregiving workforce and organizations supporting them.

• Advocacy to ensure that women and girls of color are front and center in recovery discussions.

By making an investment in the Stand Together Fund, you are joining forces with the collective generosity of your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family to ensure that women and girls are not forgotten.

Stand Together, So She Can Stand on Her Own.

Join Us.

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Round 1: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

The first round of grants, which funded organizations that provide culturally specific support to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, totaled $100,000 and was awarded to the following organizations:

Round 2: Care Workers

Our second round of funding, with investments totaling $136,750, directly funded 336 female care workers – inclusive of family child care providers, early childhood educators, in-home health aides, and medical aides – throughout the region. We partnered with the following organizations to distribute these funds:

Round 3: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Our third round of funding includes investments to organizations focused on advocacy, safety and the prevention of violence. Investments totaled $130,000, and was awarded to the following organizations: