Grantee partners.

Since 1998, The Women’s Foundation has been fortunate to work with over 205 community-based organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls across the Washington region. Below are the Grantee Partners we have worked with in the past three years.

*Denotes a currently funded Grantee Partner
+ Denotes a ‘Stand Together Fund’ Grantee Partner


ASHA for Women+*

ASHA for Women (ASHA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community-based, culturally competent support to (1) South Asian women and their children living in abusive marriages and homes (2) South Asian seniors and their caregivers

Asian-Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project +*

Since 1996, the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) has provided services to survivors of domestic violence in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. It is an organization that was founded by survivors and continues to be survivor-led and driven. Our mission is to address, prevent and end domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian/Pacific Islander communities while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives after abuse.


Ayuda is the only non-profit provider in the DC metro area that provides a wide range of immigration and family law assistance, as well as social services support, for all immigrants - including men, women and children - from anywhere in the world. This comprehensive and open approach gives all immigrants a single resource to go to. Our specialized services for immigrant children and for immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking are truly unique in the area.

Ayuda is well known in the immigrant community and provides linguistically and culturally appropriate services. In recent years, we provided assistance in over 2,300 cases a year, including immigration, family law, and social services support.

Bright Beginnings+

Bright Beginnings, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that operates early childhood and family learning centers for children and families experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C. Our centers offer full-day, year-round, developmentally appropriate early childhood education services for children birth to five at no cost to their families.

Building Bridges Foundation +*

Our vision is that the day will come when all victims of domestic or inter-partner violence know that there is help the first time they are victimized and that there are no barriers to that help.

Community Advocates for Family and Youth +*

Since 2003, CAFY has been in the forefront of servicing all survivors. Families affected by untimely deaths, domestic and sexual assaults, robbery, etc. can begin to reclaim their lives with the support of our case management team and our services. Our case managers are here to provide victims with recovery information and emotive support, as well as to help with finding and applying to other resources.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute*

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute promotes opportunity and widespread prosperity for all residents of the District of Columbia through thoughtful policy solutions. DCFPI influences DC budget and policy decisions to reduce poverty and income inequality and to give residents the opportunity for a secure economic future. DCFPI accomplishes this through research and analysis, direct engagement with policymakers, and strategic partnerships with other organizations and individuals. Essential to accomplishing our mission, DCFPI also furthers ways to make DC public services more effective and to ensure the workings of DC government are open and accountable to the public.

  • (301) 909-8624

DC Girls Coalition*

DC Girls Coalition (DCGC)'s mission is to work to elevate and amplify the voices of young women, girls, femmes, non-conforming and young women/girls of color of trans experience in the District of Columbia. DCGC, comprised of youth-serving and advocacy organizations, will adopt and implement policy recommendations that centers their leadership and addresses their needs.

DCGC believe that in order to generate solutions that are affirming for all girls, including non-conforming, young women and girls of trans experience, we must see them as they are: multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and dynamic.

We envision a city in which youth within these groups are at the table identifying solutions that will work for the issues they face every day. The DCGC strives to reduce the criminalization and adultification of girls of color, by uplifting girls as leaders and building a network of organizations dedicated to advocating with youth of color and adopting policies and practices that center around their needs.

  • (301) 909-8624

DC Rape Crisis Center +*

The DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC) is the designated sexual assault coalition for the District of Columbia. DCRCC is the oldest and the first rape crisis center in the country, and the only rape crisis center in the District of Columbia that has spent the past 46 years listening to the stories of survivors of sexual assault. In our 46th year, we are working to empower a culture of consent.


DAWN is a Trauma-informed, culturally responsive and transformative justice-based agency to provide multi-faced services to the survivors and the community: to understand and address power-based violence by providing direct services and education.


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