Washington Area Women's Foundation

Congrats to new class of future nonprofit directors–including four Grantee Partner staffers!

The Women’s Foundation is proud to report that four staff members of Grantee Partners have been selected for the 2008-2009 class of Future Executive Directors sponsored by the Nonprofit Roundtable.

We congratulate each of the leaders selected for this year’s class (and noted that 20 of the 24 are women!).  And we extend a special salute to the following staff members of Grantee Partners of The Women’s Foundation:

This is the first class of fellows in this program, and The Women’s Foundation salutes these women not only as examples of women’s leadership in our community, but as trailblazers in this new and exciting initiative of the Nonprofit Roundtable as it works to build the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector through leadership development.

Congratulations and good luck to each of this year’s fellows!