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A Gift That Really Gives Back to Us All — A Donation to The Women's Foundation

Well, the final countdown is here!  We’re way past 12 days ’til Christmas (although there’s still a little time left until Kwanzaa) and, if you’re like me, that “monster snowstorm” we just had put you way behind in the gift-gathering process.  If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, I have a suggestion: contribute to Washington Area Women’s Foundation on behalf of someone on your gift list.  No book, or sweater, or fruitcake, or gift card could possibly be better than giving someone the knowledge that they inspired you to make a donation on their behalf.  Your gift will let that person know that she/he is the reason that someone’s life will change in the New Year.  Just click here to get started and be sure to fill out the “tribute name” field.

Your donation could help a woman buy a home for her family with a little help from Capital Area Asset Builders.  It could help Interstages give middle school girls the support and the confidence they need to become outstanding women.  Your donation could go to an organization like Vehicles for Change, which helps families get cars so they can go to work and school and doctor’s appointments.  That donation could make sure A Wider Circle continues to provide the “health, hope, and human connection” that gets a homeless woman and her children out of a shelter, and furnishes their home with beds and a crib.

A donation to Washington Area Women’s Foundation is not the kind of gift that is available at the mall, or that is wrapped up and placed under a tree.  But it is the type of gift that embodies the spirit of the holidays and gets us all a little closer to peace on earth.

We realize this is a difficult year for some people to make donations, no matter how badly they might want to.  That’s why we’re also offering you the opportunity to tell someone how much she means to you and educate her about what The Women’s Foundation does.  Based on our Be That Woman video, our free holiday eCards are a way for you to show your appreciation to someone who has been an inspiration in your life.  And by bringing someone new into The Women’s Foundation family, you might inspire her to learn more about what we do and how she can help.

Please click here to make a donation.

Click here to send holiday eCards.