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Announcing the 2009 Leadership Awardees!

What do you get when you combine 58 volunteers, 66 nominations, 54 phone calls, 33 site visits, 20 presentations and hours of deliberation and due diligence?

You get the 2009 Leadership Awardees, of course!

Someone really wise once said, if you want to know how something began, look at how it ended.  As I reflect on that statement, and my experience with the Leadership Awards, I am still undecided about whether or not I agree.

As I was recruiting volunteers for the Leadership Awards this year, I blogged about my experience at the Leadership Awards Reception in March 2008.  The reception, that year’s “ending,” did indeed tell me a lot about the Leadership Awards Program – the inspiration, the passion, the dedication, the diligence of these organizations working so hard on behalf of women and girls.

That said, even as I stood in awe of those eight recipients, there was no way of knowing what an amazing journey it would be to the selection of the 2009 Leadership Awardees!

Among the recipients, we have representation from all over the Washington metropolitan area, including Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Washington, DC.  All are doing innovative, effective work on behalf of women and girls in our region in the area of safety and health.

We have organizations working with youth, and organizations working with the elderly. 

We have organizations providing basic needs of shelter to victims of domestic violence, and those helping survivors of domestic violence get a second chance in life by find new and sustainable careers.

We have an organization providing activities and infrastructure to girls during the after-school hours when they are most vulnerable, and an organization providing transitional housing for female ex-offenders.

So, who are these 10 exciting, inspiring organizations, you ask.  Click here to see the press release announcing the recipients!

As I sit in anticipation of what my second Leadership Awards reception experience will be like, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the tremendous job done by our outstanding volunteers this year in making this extremely difficult selection.

Because the reality is, while we can only give 10 awards this year, there are many wonderful organizations doing really important work in our community on behalf of women and girls.

So, please join me in congratulating our stellar slate of 2009 Leadership Awardees

And stay tuned for our second annual online vote to help your favorite awardee receive an additional $5,000!

Nicole Cozier is The Women’s Foundation’s Philanthropic Education Officer.

  • Happy to see some volunteers getting much deserved recognition. Volunteering is a Win Win situatio. It is nice to get noticed, however.

  • I vote for Friends of Guest House.

  • Dr Ludy Green, founder of Second Chance Employment Services deserves your financial support for her extrordinary mission and your long overdue recognition of her leadership in services to vulnerable , abused ,women.

  • Dr. Ludy Green and her cause, Second Chance Emloyment Services, is well deserving of this award and a prime example of leadership for your organization. She has made such a difference in so many people’s lives and has made this world a better place for women trying to make a better life for themselves.

  • Dr. Marjorie P Lenn

    My vote is for Friends of Guest House.

    Dr. Marjorie P Lenn

  • James Hoben

    I vote for Friends of Quest House. It is a remarkable program that gives woman a true second chance for positive life when most people would shun them. Hoorah for Quest House. We need many more.

    Jim Hoben, Co-chair of Alexandria Housing Action

  • ann rudd

    I vote for Friends of Guest House

  • Mary A. Hill

    Dr. Ludy Green has done an outstanding job of helping women in need.

  • Thank you to everyone who voted online for Second Chance Employment Services to receive this award!! Thank you Dr. Ludy Green for your vision and passion in giving women a second chance in life to care for themselves and their dependents!