Washington Area Women's Foundation

#our100days Day 83

Stop Street Harassment

According to a 2014 national survey, 65% of women have experienced street harassment. The unwanted comments, whistles, or honking can make just walking down the street feel unsafe. How can we handle street harassment more effectively?

Here’s what we’re doing today:

hollaback! is a network of activists whose mission is to build safe, inclusive public spaces by transforming the culture that perpetuates discrimination and violence. They provide resources for how to respond to street harassment and offer a safe space where women can share their experiences. Check out how they suggest handling street harassment. Share key tips you’ve learned when dealing with street harassment or how it makes you feel on social media using #our100days.

Sample Tweets:

You can deal with street harassment by ____.   #our100days

.@iHollaback provides tips for how to respond to street harassment. Read & share: bit.ly/2n7nJBY #our100days