Washington Area Women's Foundation

Same Story, New Terrain

This is my first blog to introduce myself as the Communications and Marketing Officer of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation.

Whether in the United Arab Emirates or the United States of America, Windhoek or Washington,DC,it is undeniable that where women thrive, so do families, communities and countries.

One of my earliest introductions to this reality came during my service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin, where I heard repeatedly, “To educate a woman is to educate a nation.”

To empower a woman is to empower a community. A nation. Future generations.

To grow. To thrive. To dream. To achieve.

In the years following this introduction—through my work in international development with a focus on African women, girls and community development—I came to internalize this idea as a foundational principle of my work.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am therefore thrilled (and thankful!) to be starting a new adventure applying the experience I gained in Africa to the work of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation—work that so deeply impacts my local community.

As I begin my work as The Women Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Officer and take in the history and stories of its unique approaches and successes, I am struck by the similarities that bridge women in communities across all continents.

And while I am sometimes frustrated by the challenges and the on-going inequities and injustices faced by women, I continue to be motivated, rejuvenated and energized by the power of women to come together to change their lives and improve their communities.

I can therefore imagine no more rewarding place to be than The Women’s Foundation! I look forward to meeting and working with you. Please feel free to drop me a line at lkays@wawf.org.