Washington Area Women's Foundation

Allison Mitchell on joining in the power of giving together!

How would you like to feel excited to go to work in the morning?

I’m so fortunate because I can answer affirmatively – knowing that every second of my day is spent to help women and girls thrive and succeed.

I am the latest addition to the staff at The Women’s Foundation and am here to serve our community of supporters.  If you need any info about us or want to pledge your financial support, call me: Allison Mitchell, the new Development & Philanthropic Services Associate.

I am excited. I am eager. And I am energized!

The Women’s Foundation brings my passion and dedication for social justice to a higher level.

The Women’s Foundation caught my eye before I came on as staff when I joined the Leadership Awards committee earlier this year.  I said ‘yes’ to the Leadership Awards and just kept saying ‘yes’ – my involvement has and will continue to grow from that seed.

In my first few days at The Women’s Foundation, I’ve had a transformation, ideas about community, philanthropy, vision – all of these have a new, invigorated meaning to me.

The power of giving together!  It’s a perfect sentiment when you stop and think about it.

The challenge I have set out for myself is to engage in all facets of The Women’s Foundation, learn about the lives we are changing every day and understand why each person involved in The Women’s Foundation is part of our community.

That’s a tall order to fill, I know, and I can’t do it alone.

My challenge to you is to say hello to me and tell me what inspires you. If you can stop by the office, my door is always open. My email is amitchell@wawf.org and my phone number is (202) 347-7737 ext. 207.