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Congratulations to Tahirih Justice Center!

When The Women’s Foundation writes a check from the Open Door Capacity Building Fund or gives a Leadership LayliAward, it’s an investment in a nonprofit’s future and their potential to positively impact women, girls and our community as a whole.

So when two of this year’s five Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management finalists–and one of the winners–were Grantee Partners of The Women’s Foundation, we couldn’t help but think of this recognition as a deserved acknowledgement of the importance of their work and of investing in the capacity of local nonprofits.

The Women’s Foundation congratulates Tahirih Justice Center, winner of the 2007 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management! Tahirih addresses the needs of immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence through direct legal service, advocacy, social and medical referrals and public education.

Tahirih was recognized for, among other things, their short and long-term strategic planning, use of market research and impact assessment, approach to staff workload and cultural sensitivity.

"There’s no question that Tahirih Justice Center’s programs and services are vital to our community," Carolee Summers-Sparks, Program Officer, said. "I’m proud that The Women’s Foundation has supported their work, and equally proud that we’ve invested in projects to build the strength of the organization."

The Women’s Foundation’s support of The Tahirih Justice Center began in 2002, when they received a Leadership Award, a V-Day Grant, and a Rapid Response Fund grant. In 2004, they were awarded their first of two Open Door grants.  In all, The Women’s Foundation has invested $40,000 in Tahirih and their work.

Activities supported by these grants include a three-day staff training and retreat aimed at reducing stress and building unity to prevent turnover, to a database for strategic donor engagement, complete with trainings for board and staff on fundraising strategies.

One of the trainings funded by The Women’s Foundation was specifically featured in Tahirih’s application and recognized by the award selection committee, Allyn Summa, Tahirih’s Director of Development and Communications, said.

"The Women’s Foundation has historically been one of the few organizations that many nonprofits in this area can turn to for capacity building grants," Summa continued. "We’ve relied upon The Women’s Foundation for that, and it’s vital. It’s those things that enable effective management, thoughtful planning and efficient use of time. That’s part of the reason we’ve beeen so grateful to The Women’s Foundation."

The Women’s Foundation also congratulates the other finalists, including Boat People SOS, one of this year’s four finalists for the Washington Post award, a Grantee Partner since 2001 when they received a Rapid Response Fund grant for $8,000.

Both of these organizations–along with every Grantee Partner–represents the value of The Women’s Foundation’s commitment to investing in "beyond the check" grantmaking, and to providing technical assistance and support for their operational goals as well as programmatic funding.

To learn more about how you can get involved in giving beyond the check, click here, and join us.

Photo by Michael Colella.