Washington Area Women's Foundation

African American women's giving circle makes women's philanthropy front page news!

Today’s front page of the Washington Post features a story on The Women’s Foundation’s African American Women’s Giving Circle.

The article states, "’I’m not a wealthy woman, but all of us together are wealthy,’" Nadia Mitchem, 31, a development professional in the District, told her circle sisters. ‘You go into a museum and you see a plaque on the wall and you see a ‘$100,000 Club. You know what? We can do that.’" The women chanted back, ‘Yes, we can.’"

The Women’s Foundation’s giving circles are just one of the many ways that we empower women to give more, by giving together.

To learn more about other ways to be involved, or about how to become a member of a giving circle, click here.

We hope you’ll join us in changing the lives of women and girls, together.