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Why you should vote for the Washington Middle School for Girls!

This online voting for the Washington Middle School For Girls has been the most incredible experience.

In response to my blanket email to everyone in my address book, I am hearing from people I haven’t heard from in years.  None has been more poignant than the response from a distant cousin who was brought back to a conversation she had with her aunt when she was 10 years old.

Her aunt told her that no matter what advice anyone was to give her, the best thing she could tell her was to grow up to be a strong woman.

So, when she started looking at The Women’s Foundation and Washington Middle School for Girls‘ Web sites, her aunt’s advice all came rushing back. It was a conversation she hadn’t had in a while.

Sometimes, we forget that the work we do everyday with girls and women is not front and center with everyone.  To us, when you change the life of a girl, you change the life of a woman.

It’s that simple.

So yes, I’ve loved spreading the good news and getting people to vote for the school.  And I love the added bonus of wonderful feedback.

Vote now!

Colette Breen works in the development office at the Washington Middle School for Girls.

  • Kathy Nietch

    Thanks for your enthusiasm about The Washington Middle School for Girls. I remember once when I was visiting the school with a group of people, we of course heard that the staff was doing its best to change the lives of young girls whose neighborhood schools are failing. One person who was seeing the school and meeting the students and staff for the first time, said: “Sr. Mary, you’re not only changing the lives of these girls – each and every day you SAVE lives!.”

    That thought remains with me each and every time I write out a check to support WMSG’s work.