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The Daily Rundown — The Latest News Affecting Women & Girls in Our Region

U.S. CapitolIn today’s rundown: How a government shutdown might impact vulnerable residents. | A new study finds that health-related grantmakers do not make the needs of under-served communities a top priority. | A new report finds that low-wage workers are discriminated against based on their caregiving responsibilities.

DCentric takes a look at how a federal government shutdown could impact DC’s most vulnerable residents.

— “Less than one-third of a representative sample of grantmakers that support health-related issues in the United States have made the needs of underserved communities a top priority” according to a new report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.  Click here for details.

— A new report from the Center for WorkLife Law shows that low-wage workers are discriminated against at work based on their caregiving responsibilities at home.  Click here to read “Poor, Pregnant and Fired.”