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New Grantmaking for Girls: A Two Generation Strategy

I’m excited to announce a new initiative that will expand The Women’s Foundation’s grants and impact in our community. As we move toward taking on a lifespan approach to our work, we are adding funding for programs working with middle school aged girls to our current grantmaking portfolio. We’ve just released our first Request for Proposals (RFP) for this work.

As you’ll see from the RFP, our goal is to fund innovative programs that work with both young women and their mothers or female caregivers, to establish economic security across generations — this is going to be a ground-breaking initiative!

Adolescence is an important time to build foundational skills, encourage positive choices and reinforce girls’ health and well-being. In our region, however, there are numerous barriers to success for adolescent girls:

  • Fifty-one percent of children in the District and 29% of children in Prince George’s County live below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • The District’s drop out rate is nearly 40%, and 16% of Prince George’s students do not graduate high school in four years.
  • And DC and Prince George’s County have the highest number of births to teen mothers in the region (11.7% and 9.3%, respectively).

These statistics are also why our work will initially focus on Washington, DC and Prince George’s County — our research has shown that these are the areas of greatest need among women and girls in our region.

We’re using this new strategy as another stepping stone to achieving and maintaining economic security for women throughout their entire lives. We begin accepting proposals immediately, so please share the RFP with your network today. And I’ll be reporting back in the future about the outcomes of our work and the lessons we’re learning.

Nicky Goren is president of Washington Area Women’s Foundation.

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  • What is the status of the Two Generation Strategy grants opportunity? Will the grant opportunity be offered in 2014? Our organization was not aware of this opportunity – we offer a middle school girls program known as the Sarah Wise Wooten Young Ladies Academy along with a parent component known as Parents on Track.

    • Jessica Zetzman

      Hi, Cheryl. We just recently announced our new grantees (see http://bit.ly/1kVsBOy), including three organizations that will receive planning support for two-generation strategies in DC. We hope to make additional investments in our next grant cycle, which begins late summer/early fall. Sign up here (http://bit.ly/UF9BtJ) to be sure you hear all announcements/updates. If you have additional questions, please contact our office!