Washington Area Women's Foundation

#our100days Day 82

Lessons in Self-Care

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime.  During these unpredictable times, it can be difficult to watch the news or be engaged with what’s happening across the globe without becoming stressed or anxious.  Heightened anxiety can affect our work, home life and our health overall. It’s important to take a moment each day to practice self-care.

Here’s what we’re doing today:

Watch one of the TED Talks from the importance of self-care playlist based on your area of need or check out Alex Elle’s #aNote2Self Meditation Journal Vol. 2.  Share how you practice self-care with your friends and family on social media using #our100days.

Sample Tweets:

I practice self-care by _____  #our100days

Need some self-care tips? Check out & share these @TEDTalks wawf.org/2o25Y3B #our100days

How do you practice self-care? Share your tips and tricks using #our100days