Washington Area Women's Foundation

#our100days Day 87

Bias in Reviews

Last week, the Harvard Business Review published Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio’s article that shares some solutions to gender bias in annual workplace review processes. She tells us “women were 1.4 times more likely to receive critical subjective feedback (as opposed to either positive feedback or critical objective feedback).”  Cecchi-Dimeglio suggests “by using more-objective criteria, involving a broader group of reviewers, and adjusting the frequency of reviews, it is possible to remove subjective biases that creep in.”

Here’s what we’re doing today:

Read Cecchi-Dimeglio’s article and consider how bias is likely playing a role in your workplace’s annual review process.  Then share the article with 3 people who shape review processes or conduct annual reviews – make sure at least one of them is a man!

Sample Tweets:

Read @HBRexchange’s article on #gender biases in annual reviews & share with someone who needs it! wawf.org/2nNqppL #our100days

I read @HBRexchange’s article on #gender biases in annual reviews & will find ways to increase focus on objective data #our100days

I read @HBRexchange’s gender biases in annual reviews article, and will ask for more constructive feedback in my next review #our100days

I read @HBRexchange’s gender biases in annual reviews article & will share more constructive feedback regularly w/ employees  #our100days