Washington Area Women's Foundation

#AskHer Series: Celebrating 25 Years of The Women’s Foundation

Since its inception, Washington Area Women’s Foundation has invested in and strengthened the capacity of local organizations to advance meaningful social, cultural, and economic change for women and girls of color throughout the Washington metropolitan region.

Now in our 25th year, we’re excited to bring together members of the past and present to help us reflect on our herstory and the essence that started our organization, the “why” behind the work we do, the progress we’ve made thus far, and to usher in 25 more years of grit, grace, and gratitude!

The webinar was moderated by Jacquelyn Lendsey, Interim President and CEO of The Women’s Foundation and featured, Marion Ballard (Founding Mother), Dr. Vivian Pinn (Founding Mother), Rachel Kronowitz (Former Board Chair), and Lynn McNair (Board Co-chair).