Early Care & Education

2012 Early Learning Summit

Last week, the Early Care and Education Funders Collaborative at Washington Area Women’s Foundation held the inaugural Early Learning Summit to bring together educators, advocates and researchers to explore the most pressing social, economic and environmental trends impacting early learning.

The main takeaways, according to Maya Garrett, the Foundation’s ECEFC Program Officer and event organizer, were:

  • Quality early childhood education is a key component for education and workforce success.
  • In order for school systems to prepare young children for kindergarten their must be a holistic framework that focuses on the emotional, physical, and economic well-being of the child.
  • Corporations who are funding early care and education work see their funding as an investment in the economic well being of the Country.  They are supporting the next generation of employees

Many of the highlights of the summit were captured by social media. Click here for a quick overview of the day’s events.