Washington Area Women's Foundation

We’ll Be Right Here.

As the staff of The Women’s Foundation continue to process the traumatic and violent assault on the Capitol, we have struggled to find the words to adequately express our thoughts. For us, Washington, DC is home. It is not a tourist attraction. It is the place where we live, work and play. Yes, it is the nation’s capital, the seat of federal government, but for us, it is so much more. 
DC is a beautifully diverse city with unique and wonderful neighborhoods and a rich culture unto its own. It’s a proud city, a resilient city. Our home. And so our collective grief and trauma is both personal and professional. 
From an organizational standpoint, we are clear about the path ahead. We are committed to living out our mission to invest in the power of women and girls of color in the Washington metropolitan region. We celebrate and honor the women of color leaders in our community whose power, passion and persistence is breathtaking. 
From a personal standpoint, our staff is taking a moment to process, breathe and steady ourselves for the work ahead. 
Here are some resources that staff have been using these last couple of days, including resources for parents who are having trouble finding the words for their children: https://wawf.org/antiracism 
We hope you find them of use as well and know that we’ll be right here, doing the work.”