Washington Area Women's Foundation

AskHer Series: Advancing Pay Equity in Early Care and Education Systems

Early childhood educators and faculty play a critical role in the formative years of our children’s development—helping shape their cognitive, emotional, and social skillset. Yet despite their integral role, they remain ranked at nearly the bottom of the annual pay scale compared to all other U.S. occupations.

During the webinar, panelists discussed the impact pay has on those working in early childhood education. The conversation also centered on the importance of redefining an economic system that builds equity across the board and how we—as allies—can take further action to help advance programs and policies to eliminate systemic barriers often faced by educators and faculty of color.

The conversation was moderated by Dawnn Leary (Chief Program Officer, Greater Washington Community Foundation) and featured Lavontte Chatmon (Executive Director, Nonprofit Montgomery), Cynthia Davis, (Executive Director, DC Family Child Care Association), and Emily Griffey (Chief Policy Officer, Voices for Virginia’s Children). 

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