Washington Area Women's Foundation

AskHer Series: Addressing Disparities in Black Women’s Mental Health

Statistics indicate a stark reality: Black Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious psychological distress compared to their white counterparts. Among these individuals, Black women, in particular, bear a disproportionate impact on their mental well-being.

This critical discussion uncovered the unique challenges, impacts, and resilience regarding mental health in the lives of Black women. During this conversation, Dr. Tyffani Dent, licensed psychologist and Owner of Monford Dent Consulting & Psychological Services, LLC., leveraged her expertise to shed light on these challenges and discuss actionable insights and effective strategies aimed at addressing them.

This session examined the intersection of race, gender, and mental health, offered practical self-care strategies for maintaining mental well-being, and discussed how communities and individuals can create supportive environments and advocate for improved mental health awareness and accessibility.

This session was moderated by Dr. Tamara Wilds Lawson, president and CEO of The Women’s Foundation.

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