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Linda Butler speaks on behalf of The Women's Foundation on CNN!

Today was a bright and early, but exciting, morning for us at The Women’s Foundation!  We were up early to see Linda Butler, who spoke at our 2008 Leadership Luncheon, talk on CNN’s "American Morning" about how her life was changed by a jobs training program at Northern Virginia Family Services supported by The Women’s Foundation.  […]

D.C.'s HIV/AIDS report forgets women, but I haven't.

Inspired – and alarmed – by my colleague Lisa Kays’s blog post earlier this week about off-the-charts HIV/AIDS rates in the District of Columbia, I read the Department of Health’s recent report. The report is powerful for what it includes – and what it doesn’t. What it does include: voluminous statistics about the HIV/AIDS epidemic […]

Help decide where we invest $5,000!

It’s that time again–for the Leadership Awards online vote! A committed group of volunteers has selected the 10 outstanding Leadership Awardees for 2009, who are doing innovative, effective work serving the health and safety of women and girls in our region.  Each awardee has received $10,000 to help fuel their work. Now, it’s your turn […]

Seeing the stimulus package through a gender lens.

Today, the Chicago Foundation for Women released its analysis of how the economic stimulus package will impact women. It’s findings?  Some of the big wins for women are: To reduce job cuts for educators and teachers, nearly $45 billion was allocated to the Department of Education. Medicaid, which supports the health of more than 20 […]

Why women's funds are too (blank) to fail.

Yesterday in Philantopic, Foundation Center President Bradford Smith made the case for which nonprofits are "too big, too important or too (blank) to fail."   In other words, these are the nonprofits that he’d give a bailout to, if he had the choice. Women’s funds make the list of only 14 nonprofits he named,  including Greenpeace, […]