In the Washington metropolitan region, nearly half a million women and girls are living in or near poverty. We all have a stake in building the economic security of our region’s women and girls. The Women’s Foundation works to mobilize our community and provide solutions to eliminate the persistent barriers that disproportionately hinder women and girls from achieving economic security.

3604 Children Served ECE FY14

6,304 children were reached through @thewomensfndtn FY14 early care and education grants. #ECE #HereNow4Her

960 Financial Ed participants FY14

960 women participated in financial education through @thewomensfndtn FY14 grants. #HereNow4Her

Completed Job Training FY14

967 women completed job training programs through @thewomensfndtn FY14 grants. #HereNow4Her

Donna Smith Quote

“There is not one day that I don’t wish there was more for mothers and daughter to do together, as one.” – Donna Smith,

4X more likely

Kids who enter kindergarten prepared are 4x more likely to graduate high school.

45% headed by a single parent

45% of low-income families are headed by a single parent.

Super Bowl XLIX Highlights XL Gap in Men’s and Women’s Sports

It’s Super Bowl time, which for many means parties and crowding around the TV to watch two of the nation’s top football teams battle

Causes women invest in

Causes  Women tend to invest more than men in international (55% more), community (51% more), religious institutions (42% more), and healthcare (38% more) charities

72% of mothers

72% of mothers 20 to 64 years old with children under six years, participate in the labor force compared with 97% of fathers in

critical for families in our region

Affordable early care and education options are critical for families in our region, and help employers maintain a strong workforce.