In the Washington metropolitan region, nearly half a million women and girls are living in or near poverty. We all have a stake in building the economic security of our region’s women and girls. The Women’s Foundation works to mobilize our community and provide solutions to eliminate the persistent barriers that disproportionately hinder women and girls from achieving economic security.

AskHer Series: Kristi Matthews-Jones, Director at DC Girls’ Coalition

#AskHer Q&A ft. Kristi Matthews-Jones, Director of DC Girls’ Coalition

AskHer Series: A Conversation With Our New President and CEO

#AskHer: A Conversation With Our New President and CEO featuring Dr. Tamara Wilds Lawson and Lesli Foster.

AskHer Series: Advancing Pay Equity in Early Care and Education Systems

Early childhood educators and faculty play a critical role in the formative years of our children’s development—helping shape their cognitive, emotional, and social skillset.

#AskHer Series: Caring for Survivors of Sexual Violence

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#AskHer: Advancing Gender and Racial Equity in the Workplace

Women make change happen! Yet, despite making up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, women—especially women of color—are still vastly underrepresented in traditionally male-dominated

#AskHer Series: Celebrating 25 Years of The Women’s Foundation

Since its inception, Washington Area Women’s Foundation has invested in and strengthened the capacity of local organizations to advance meaningful social, cultural, and economic

#AskHer Series: The Power of Black Women Entrepreneurs

During this discussion, Elizabeth Gay (Founder of Ìpàdé) and Ramunda Young (Co-Founder of MahoganyBooks) discussed their journey as an entrepreneur, the opportunities they’re creating

#AskHer Series: The Gift of Black Giving

DID YOU KNOW: Women and girls make up 51% of the world’s population, yet women’s and girls’ organizations receive less than 2% of all

#AskHer Series: Protect Black Women

The conversation helped raise the awareness about safety resources for women, ways to advocate for women and the ever-present need to protect Black women

#AskHer Series: Caring for Nonprofit Leaders of Color

During this session, we explored the intersection of wellness and nonprofit leadership. We had a chat with C. Marie Taylor, President & Principal Consultant