Leadership Luncheon '07: I was inspired to become part of the change!

Every year, I am inspired by the women at the Leadership Luncheon and this year was no exception!  What an amazing event!

My name is Wendy Weaver, and I have volunteered for Washington Area Women’s Foundation and watched its exponential growth for the last six years. 

It’s so exciting to be a part of this change!  I’m inspired to see how The Women’s Foundation impacts women like Laceiy and Sharan to change their lives for the better!  I love the idea that we can create a greater impact on women’s lives by working together and that we can leverage our resources to make a much larger contribution on our region than we could as individuals.

After the luncheon, I was so energized by the desire to change lives that I volunteered to co-chair the 1K Club. The 1K Club is a network of dedicated philanthropists committed to strengthening the effectiveness of The Women’s Foundation and its work to transform our community.

As a mother, wife, and professional, my time and resources are always stretched.  I believe that the 1K Club is a wonderful, affordable and rewarding way to get involved in philanthropy. I can’t wait to get started!

If you are as inspired as I am, if you want to continue to effect change, create an impact on our region, and feel the power of giving together, I invite you to join us in the 1K club.  To see who has already joined, view the 1K Club member list.

Wendy M. Weaver is a long-time volunteer of The Women’s Foundation and a co-chair of our new 1K Club.  She has invested and inspired, and now she’s a leader of one of our innovative networks of donors!  To learn more about these three ways that you can be involved in the Power of Giving Together, or to join the 1K Club, click here! There is a place for everyone at The Women’s Foundation…find yours today.