In the Washington metropolitan region, nearly half a million women and girls are living in or near poverty. We all have a stake in building the economic security of our region’s women and girls. The Women’s Foundation works to mobilize our community and provide solutions to eliminate the persistent barriers that disproportionately hinder women and girls from achieving economic security.

2014 Grants Will Help 6,000 Women & Girls

For me – as for many others – January is my “clean slate.”  No, it’s not about New Year’s resolutions.  For Washington Area Women’s

Sharon Williams Luncheon Remarks

On October 23, Sharon Williams spoke at The Women’s Foundation’s 2013 Leadership Luncheon. The following are her remarks. After speaking, Sharon received a Visionary

Holly Fischer Storms Capitol Hill

This guest blog post was written by Goodwill of Greater Washington, a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner. The Foundation invests in Goodwill’s job training and

Success Story: National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

As National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week draws to a close, the work to ensure the success of adult learners in our region continues. The post below,

Changing GED Could Mean Greater Barriers for Area Women

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer teacher at Washington Area Women’s Foundation’s Grantee Partner, The Academy of Hope, and can speak

Grantee Partner Spotlight: Academy of Hope

In December 2012, Washington Area Women’s Foundation made grants totaling $805,500 to 23 DC-area nonprofits whose work is improving the economic security of low

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Two

This week, several members of The Women’s Foundation staff are participating in the Food Stamp Challenge, an exercise organized by D.C. Hunger Solutions that

Service Innovations Summit: Global Lessons on the Role of Nonprofits & Volunteerism

Across the globe, there’s growing recognition of the value of nonprofits and volunteers joining with corporations and governments to solve social issues.  Last month,

Tipped Over the Edge

More than 20 years ago, the federal minimum wage for workers in tipped occupations was raised to $2.13 an hour.  In the two decades

New Year's Resolutions for Women and Girls

This month, we invited our Grantee Partners to share some of their New Year’s resolutions with us.  Their passion and commitment to transforming the