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Washington Post story on local sex trafficking features work of two Grantee Partners.

Yesterday, Washington Post reporter Robert Pierre’s story, "Anti-Prostitution Initiative Taken to D.C. Schools," explains how children in D.C. are being coerced into prostitution and sex trafficking, and how agencies throughout the area are working together to stop this phenomenon. Two of the organizations involved in this work are Grantee Partners of The Women’s Foundation: Fair […]

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity puts the spotlight on coalition of women's funds!

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is a foundation-led initiative that aims to build and sustain public and political will to alleviate poverty.  This week, The Women’s Foundation’s president, Phyllis Caldwell, had the opportunity to write a commentary focusing on the importance of developing a Poverty Impact Statement to measure the effect of proposed policy on […]

The Women's Foundation's got the spirit. Yeah, yeah!

If you catch the staff of The Women’s Foundation in an informal setting, you’ll often find us joking and teasing certain staff members about their former status as cheerleaders. Not in a mean way.  Let me be very clear, we have nothing against cheerleaders.  Just in that surprised manner of learning that someone that is […]

Walking the city in women’s shoes.

Wanna lose weight or get healthy in the cheapest, most easily accessible way possible? Many sources will tell you to walk.  Roads are free, after all.  (Minus a small taxpayer contribution.) But what if can’t walk in your neighborhood because the streets aren’t safe from harassment, or worse forms of violence?  What if they’re deteriorated […]